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This game blew me away. Every single choice is meaningful, often having rippling effects that you could not anticipate.
An absolute joy from start to finish, The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante puts you in a tumultuous time and gives you a starring role. The story and hard decisions you’re forced into makes this an engaging experience.
It’s one of those rare gaming narratives that’s equally tragic, challenging and exhilarating. As painful and filled with sorrow as Sir Brante’s life is, it’s one that’s well worth living through yourself.

Customer Reviews

It's a finely balanced game that isn't afraid of emotions, that's mature writing.
- MissGlyph
A truly engrossing, deeply personal experience that somehow transcends the limitations of the format and becomes something grander altogether.
- Rivereyes
Got fully immersed as soon as I started playing. Amazing, unique experience.
- Duplicitous

The Life and Suffering of Sir Brante


An interactive tragic novel on the difficult life of a single person set in the world of dark fantasy. Having been born a commoner, Sir Brante, you shall experience in full the injustice of the existing cosmic order. Whether you will be able to alter this preordained path and the whole world with it depends solely on your choice and deeds!


Every imperial citizen's life is predetermined by their estate. The deities known as the Twin Gods have bestowed this truth to the world, dividing mortals into Lots. The nobles lead and rule over others, while the clergy guides people on the one true path, and the lowborn suffer, toiling away for the glory of the Empire. You may accept your fate without question, but it is also in your power to change the cosmic order that governs all.


Divided into chapters, the game keeps track of the player's deeds, the skills they acquired, as well as other overlapping circumstances that shape a unique plotline for each playthrough. Every decision has its consequences and you will be held accountable throughout the entire journey. To protect your family and loved ones, to impose the rule of the Emperor and make a fortune, or to try and change the world as you see fit... Make your choice, but beware of the follies of pride and ambition.


Watch over Sir Brante and make him into a person who can endure whichever trials and tribulations fate throws his way! Develop and train your character, leveling up such traits as determination, sensitivity, and endurance. All of the hero's skills, starting with those acquired in infancy, will affect his personality, worldview, and relationships, ultimately unlocking new talents and possible storylines.


The first complete walkthrough can take you upwards of 15 hours! Numerous branching paths that affect the unfolding story will make every playthrough a unique experience: become a noble judge, learn the ways of the inquisition, plot a revolution as a member of a secret society, or embrace an entirely different purpose. Be brave and fate itself shall bend to your will!


Resurrection system allows the character to keep his experience upon death, letting the player reevaluate past steps and make adjustments to their strategy going forward. Take control not only of your life but also your demise, then put everything at stake in this cycle of death and rebirth!


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Narrative-driven RPG / Indirect control strategy / Indie

Release date

March 4


Русский Audio Text
English Audio Text

System requirements

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OS:Windows 7/8/10
Processor:Pentium® 4 1.5 GHz / Athlon® XP
Memory:1 GB RAM
Graphics:DirectX® 9.0c compatible
Storage:3 GB



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  • The game is available on 101XP.com, Steam, Epic Games Store, GOG.com and Humble. Should any other platforms be added to the list later on, we are going to announce this on social media as well as the project's official page. Be the first to know by joining the game's community today!

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