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Redneck Ed: Astro Monsters Show is an energetic, colorful arcade-style beat‘em up that follows the misadventures of Ed, a simple mechanic, in the world of intergalactic show business.

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The Running Man
galactic interracial
Backcountry mechanic Ed's quiet life changes forever when someone steals his... face. As he tries to get it back, this former baseball player ends up in the clutches of aliens and becomes the rising star of their brutal game show!
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Crazy bosses
In order to get home, Ed will have to take on all sorts of intergalactic opponents face to… well, you get the idea! As the old saying goes, you don't bring a laser gun to a wrench fight, but reaching the finish line will still require all of the player’s wits and skills, so turn on your faceless charm and go for it!
15 chaos-filled levels
Get ready for giant mushrooms, living volcanoes, fiery discord, or in a word – one hell of a show! Explore wild, mind-bending levels. Your hero has already lost his face, so losing his mind should not be that big of a deal, right?
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Offbeat art style
He may not have a face, but our hero is quite handy, able to build a flamethrower out of toothpicks and some tape. Hunt for Easter eggs, enjoy the epic hand-drawn animation, unlock every ending, and have a total blast!

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